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22 January 2011 @ 03:10 pm
This is an overview of mod positions. If you're interested in modding, do let me know (by comment to this post, PM, or emailing finalfantasylandmod@gmail.com). Note that the duties of each position is able to be split amongst multiple co-mods so that you're not stuck doing something you're not good at.

List of positionsCollapse )

• You may still participate in all of ff_land's activities even if you're a mod! The only exception is that you might not be able to participate in some screened-comment activities (e.g. contests and minigames) if you're able to see the comments and looking at screened comments would give you an advantage.
• You may also take on multiple mod positions if you like!

Comment here or contact a main mod if there's a position you like. Right now, the places where we have the most need are [...], but if you're interested in a different position, still let us know.